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Policy on use of affiliate links

My website is a place where I provide visitors with lots of free information about San Francisco. I make recommendations about places to see or things to do that I genuinely believe will be fun or interesting for my visitors.

My intention in creating this website is to tell people the truth about San Francisco, all the great and wonderful stuff, and also the not-so-wonderful stuff, so that they can have an amazing experience here. I stick to that purpose any time I make a recommendation. I want my visitors to have a great time in this city!

This website is also a business. Creating the content for this site is great fun, but takes a lot of time and effort. My website provides some links to companies that provide goods or services. I have an affiliate relationship with some of these companies.

Having links to these affiliated companies generates the income that allows me to continue providing all this information at no cost to my visitors. This means I get paid a (usually small) commission for referring someone to the business. I don't have any control over the services or products supplied by these businesses, but I choose only the ones that I sincerely believe will offer a good experience for my visitors. An example would be if I recommend a tour and link to a booking site like Viator or TripAdvisor, and a tour is booked, then I would get a percentage of the commission received by Viator or TripAdvisor.

Also, if I'm recommending something it is always because I believe it's worthwhile. Aside from providing the links to affiliates, I never accept payments or freebies for my recommendations.

I really appreciate the support of my visitors who choose to do their bookings or purchases through my site; it helps me to continue doing what I love to do and providing helpful information about San Francisco.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!

All the best,

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