The Embarcadero

of San Francisco

The Embarcadero is the boulevard that runs all along the waterfront of San Francisco, from the Bay Bridge, past the Ferry Building, and down to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.

ferry building san francisco embarcadero view
The Embarcadero, near the Ferry Building

A number of San Francisco attractions are sprinkled along this street and it's a popular place for strolling.

It's also not a bad area to actually find parking in one of San Francisco's busiest areas.

Highlights of the Embarcadero...

The Ferry Building

ferry building, san francisco
Ferry Building

San Francisco's main ferry terminal has morphed into a gourmet hotspot. Inside the building is a collection of gastronomically-interesting booths and eating places to tempt visitors with special condiments, desserts, wines, and numerous other delicacies.

ferry building food shops
Ferry Building Food Shops

This is also the site of a popular farmer's market held here on Tuesdays and Thursdays (10 to 2) and Saturdays (8 to 2).

The Blue and Gold Line runs ferries from here to Sausalito, Oakland, Alameda, Vallejo and Larkspur.

Pier 14

pier 14 san francisco embarcadero, entrance
Entrance to Pier 14

Pier 14 is a popular pier that lies between the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. It's a pedestrian walkway that stretches far out into the bay with great views of the city, the bridge and Yerba Buena Island.

pier 14 san francisco embarcadero, city view
City View from Pier 14

This is a good place to watch the ships crossing under the Bay Bridge, and the ferries coming and going to the Ferry Building nearby. The end of the pier is a also popular fishing spot.

pier 14 san francisco embarcadero, bay view
Pier 14, Ferry Heading for the Ferry Building

There's a series of metal plates along the pier with excerpts from Rudyard Kipling's poem, The Sea and the Hills. In part:

Who hath desired the Sea? Her menaces swift as her mercies?

The in-rolling walls of the fog and the silver-winged breeze that disperses?

It was on Pier 14 that Kate Steinle was killed in July 2015 by an illegal alien with a long criminal record who had already been deported 5 times, and who was released by SF Sheriff's office because of the San Francisco's sanctuary city policy. People often put flowers at the place where she died.

This is still a very popular pier, and it's actually in a very safe area, which made the attack even more shocking.

Since 2002, a huge sculpture of Cupid's bow and arrow has decorated the area near Pier 14 at the base of the Bay Bridge. Some people love it and others don't; I think it's pretty cool.

cupids span, san francisco embarcadero sculpture
Cupid's Span

Hornblower Cruises - Pier 3

Hornblower runs its cruise ships out of Pier 3; they have a nice selection of bay cruises. There's some limited public parking available as well.

hornblower landing, docked ship, pier 3, san francisco
Hornblower Landing, Pier 3

Hornblower has a great San Francisco dinner/dance cruise. Delicious food and amazing views of the city and bridges. For more details, and photos of this cruise, see my page on the SF dinner cruise.

Pier 7

This is a great pier for strolling; good bay and city views.

pier 7 walkway embarcadero, san francisco
Pier 7 Walkway

The Exploratorium - Pier 15

The new home of the Exploratorium, our fun, hands-on, science museum and play place, is now at Pier 15. See more on the Exploratorium.

exploratorium, san francisco, redwood at night
Exploratorium at Night

Pier 23

Pier 23 is home to a cavernous parking area and the eponymous restaurant. The Pier 23 cafe is a fun place to eat; down to earth burgers and seafood, a bit funky, with seating in back right on the water.
pier 23 cafe, sf embarcadero
Pier 23 Cafe

Cruise Ship Terminal - Pier 27

Pier 27 is the location of the new (since 2015) cruise ship terminal for San Francisco.

new cruise ship terminal, san francisco pier 27, embarcadero
Cruise Ship Terminal

The terminal is a modern, two-level structure designed accommodate the 60 to 80 cruise ships that dock in San Francisco every year. The new terminal is a "green" building that collects rainfall on its roof. A large parking lot is adjacent.

Cruise ship ruby Princess at Pier 27, San Francisco
The Ruby Princess in port at Pier 27.

Tip for cruise ship passengers: there are two garages near the waterfront that provide special arrangements for parking your car during a cruise. You can book a space online at either one:

boarding a ship in 1947, pier 44, san francisco
Boarding a Ship, 1947, at Pier 44
(image courtesy of the San Francisco History Center,
San Francisco Public Library)

Alcatraz Landing - Pier 33

The ferry for Alcatraz leaves from Pier 33. For tips on how to get tickets and what to expect on the Alcatraz tour, see Alcatraz.

alcatraz landing, pier 33, san francisco embarcadero, alcatraz model
Alcatraz Landing, Pier 33

Pier 39

This is San Francisco's waterfront shopping and entertainment pier. Pier 39 marks the end of the Embarcadero and the beginning of Fisherman's Wharf.

pier 39 marina, view from restaurant
Restaurant View, Pier 39

See more information on Pier 39 attractions.

Transport for Weary Feet

Seeing San Francisco typically involves a lot of walking. If you want to save your feet a bit, there are pedicabs available near the Ferry Building.

pedicabs, san francisco embarcadero
Pedicabs Waiting

water taxi sign, san francisco embarcadero

Or try the relatively new service, the Water Taxi, from Pier 1 ½, next door to the Ferry Building. This little boat runs from here to the Hyde Street Pier at the far end of Fisherman's Wharf (only stop), or in the opposite direction to AT&T Park.

Runs frequently and costs $10 one-way ($5 for SF residents).

The Embarcadero was also a busy port during the Gold Rush era. The area was called Yerba Buena Cove, named after Yerba Buena Island nearby (where the two sections of the Bay Bridge attach now).

The photo below was the view of the Embarcadero area as it looked in 1851, looking towards Yerba Buena Island and the Berkeley hills across the bay.

san francisco harbor, yerba buena cove, 1851
Yerba Buena Cove, 1851

Need to park near the Embarcadero? Check out my list of best garages and parking lots in this area.
SF piers map thumbnail

For maps of the numbered piers, and more info and photos, see List of SF Piers.

SF piers map thumbnail

For maps of the numbered piers, and more info and photos, see List of SF Piers.

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COVID-19 Status: at midnight on Monday, March 16, San Francisco was placed under a "shelter-in-place order.

All residents were ordered to stay home, except for necessary trips to grocery stores and essential medical visits, and solo outdoor activities like hiking.

The city had been gradually reopening of many businesses and activities, but has just come under a strict, stay-at-home directive.

Most recently, December 6, SF has moved to a very restrictive status due to a sudden increase in infection and hospitalization rates.

Public transportation options have been cut way back. See SF transit for more info.

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What is open? Muir Woods, the Botanic Gardens, Golden Gate Park, Japanese Tea Garden, Pier 39, SF beaches, Golden Gate Bridge, and Twin Peaks (by foot or bike) are all open.

Parking lots for SF beaches and the Golden Gate Bridge are open. But the Welcome Center lot and Merchant Road lot are closed.

Restaurants were open for indoor as well as outdoor dining, but as of Friday, Nov 13, indoor dining was suspended, due to an increase in Covid cases. And as of Dec 6, outdoor dining is also suspended.

Businesses can allow customers inside, but on a limited, 20% capacity, basis. This now applies to grocery stores as well.

The SF Zoo is now closed again.

Alcatraz is closed as of Dec 6. They are selling tickets for Jan 4, 2021, and beyond, but that's iffy. See Alcatraz.

Dec. 6 changes: hotels, gyms, tour buses, and boat cruises are closed again. Also indoor hair and nail salons/barbershops are closed.

Museums are closed, at least until Jan 4.

Hotels aren't accepting reservations (except for essential workers and locals needing quarantine).

Exploratorium: opening spring 2021.

Playgrounds: open.

Schools: many private schools have begun reopening; SF public schools are still on hold, except for a few charter schools.

On hold: indoor swimming pools and indoor movie theaters are still closed.

Last to open will be concerts, live theater, sporting events, nightclubs and festivals.

For info on what's open in other cities and counties of California, see California reopening schedules.

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